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There’s never been a more challenging time for CEOs to ensure they offer competitive compensation programs to attract, retain and align the top talent that will ensure the health of their business.

With data collected from 1,780 companies, this executive compensation report showcases more than 140,000 data points – including values by industry, ownership type and company size. The CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies  will help you to structure the right combination of salary, bonus, benefits, perks and equity incentives to attract top talent and retain the talent you have. The report provides information (both real dollar values and percentage of total compensation) on base salary, bonus and equity rewards, benefits and perquisites.

The 2020-21 report is available now! Order today for just $1,995 and receive immediate access to the digital PDF

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Your ability to attract and retain exceptional talent depends on offering the right pay packages to the right people

The report reveals how the absolute dollar amounts and mix of components vary by:

  • Company annual revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Industry
  • Geographic region
  • Type of ownership
  • Revenue growth
  • Profitability margins

Obtain valuable compensation data for all senior-level executive positions

Compensation analysis for more than 10 senior positions, including:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • President
  • Senior Operations Executive (COO, GM, VP Operations)
  • Senior Finance Executive (CFO, VP Finance)
  • Senior Marketing Executive (CMO, VP Marketing)
  • Senior Sales Executive (CSO, VP Sales)
  • Senior Information Technology Executive (CTO, CIO)
  • Senior Research/Engineering Executive(Chief Scientist/Engineer, VP R&D/Engineering)
  • Senior Human Resources Executive Director (VP Human Resources)

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Order the 2020-21 report today and receive an IMMEDIATE digital download of the report with your purchase!

For only $1,995, your purchase of the 2020-21 CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies includes:

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The right compensation structure will retain your company leaders and motivate them to excel

For the 2020-21 CEO and Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies, Chief Executive Research has gathered compensation and best practices from over 1,780 private companies.

Your two-volume printed report and digital PDF version contains over 600 charts with rich executive compensation data and analysis . You will also receive best-practice guidance from leading compensation consultant to align compensation with company performance and accelerate value creation.

Who should buy the 2020-21 CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies?

  • Private company CEOs
  • Company owners
  • Senior HR executives
  • Public and Private Company Boards Members
  • Chairmen of the Board
  • Members of the Compensation Consulting Committee
  • CFOs
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Executive search professionals
  • Business valuation consultants and lawyers involved in business valuation
  • Compensation consultants

While a lot of attention is placed on CEO compensation at America’s largest public companies, until this annual Chief Executive compensation report there has been almost no reliable data on private companies.

In developing our CEO and Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies, Chief Executive Group gathered primary data and best practices on CEO compensation, executive compensation and director compensation at 1,780 private companies. Plus, we’ve analyzed best practices specific to private companies, including phantom equity, appreciation rights and other innovative techniques you can use to better align your team. 

Use this CEO and Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies to uncover best practices on:

    • Incentive compensation plans
    • Equity awards
    • Retention practices
    • Vesting strategies and triggers
    • Senior executive compensation
    • Benefits packages
    • Perquisite packages
    • CEO salary benchmarks
    • Cost/benefits of various compensation levers
    • CFO and COO salary

The Best Data On Earth For Private Company Executive Compensation

2020-2021 CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies

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The secret-weapon of expensive compensation consultants.
data points
companies surveyed

With insight from over 1,780 companies, the CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies is your go-to resource for private company CEO pay and chief executive officer compensation.

By investing in this unparalleled piece of executive compensation research, you ensure the right combination of salary, bonus, benefits, perks and equity incentives to attract top talent and retain the talent you have.

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Chief Executive Research’s CEO and Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies is your trusted source for establishing competitive practices for chief executive officer compensation and director compensation.

With data collected directly from the CEOs and Senior Executives of 1,780 private companies, you can be confident that you’re offering the right combination of benefits and incentives while maintaining your organization’s integrity and strategic objectives. Leverage this research for the hard data and CEO salary benchmarks you need to help make critical talent decisions.

Click the button below to view the complete list of charts/data points included in this two-volume CEO and Senior Executive Compensation Report covering titles including chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO) and all senior executive titles. 

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How Can I Use the Data in This Report?

Benchmark your company’s chief executive officer and senior executive compensation practices vs. other companies of comparable size and profile in terms of:
  • Base Salaries
  • Bonuses
  • Equity Gains
  • Value of benefits and perk packages for CEOs and other senior executives
  • Increases in Salaries and Target Bonuses
Uncover salary, bonus, benefits, perks and equity compensation levels for key senior executives:
  • President (when not also CEO)
  • Partner/Managing Director
  • Chief Operating Officer/General Manager
  • Top Finance Executive (CFO, VP Finance, etc.)
  • Top Sales Executive (EVP Sales & Marketing, VP Sales, etc.)
  • Top Marketing Executive (EVP or VP Marketing, etc.)
  • Top IT Executive (CIO, VP IT, etc.)
  • Top R&D/Engineering Executive
  • Other Senior Executives
Benchmark equity compensation plans:
  • How much equity comparable companies give to key executives by position, company size, type of ownership, profitability, industry and more
  • Impact of equity grants on company growth and profitability
  • How shares and options in private companies are valued and administered
  • What types of vesting plans exist and what are some key benchmarks and best practices

Key Benefits

  • Attract and retain the very best senior talent for your organization
  • Motivate your senior executive team with compensation practices that reward the right activities, attitudes and output
  • Benchmark your compensation against your peers and competitors
  • Reduce turnover with compensation practices that motivate and reward your executive team

Key Metrics

  • Total compensation by company revenue, industry and ownership type
  • Compensation by number of employees, region, and labor market
  • CEO benefits and perks value
  • CEO equity
  • Expected cash compensation for Senior Executives

Frequently Asked Questions

The report provides benchmarks (both real dollar values and percentage of total compensation) for base salary, bonus and equity holdings. It also includes dollar values for benefits and perquisites. The percent of companies that provide specific perks and benefits are also provided. The report includes full year actual benchmarks for all of the data presented, as well as expected 2020 benchmarks for base salaries and bonuses.